About the Author:


David Bychkov completed his doctoral studies in Media and Communication at the European Graduate School in 2014.  His areas of research include the development of wireless biosensor devices, medical communications and emotion detection.  Since 2003, he has served as a consultant to corporations, universities and government agencies on the usage of wearables and M2M technologies.  From 1999-2005, he served as Professor of Holographic Cinema at Università dell'Immagine in Milan, Italy.  Bychkov currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Placebo Life Technique (Atropos Press, March, 2015)

ISBN-10: 1940813913


The Placebo Life Technique is a deconstruction of ethical challenges to practitioners of medicine, psychotherapy and the various sciences of brain-body communication. Placebo is traditionally represented as an inert, harmless object disguised as an active substance. It is supposed to be invented, produced, administrated and otherwise controlled by its prescriber - no harm should come of this object and rather, this non-harm should directly cause benefit. We medical patients gladly partake of the communion wafer of the scientific method and find satisfaction in the ethos of our doctor, the form factor of our medications and the emotional relief of having "done something" about troubling symptoms. What neither the physician nor his patient know is that they are thrown together into a non-linear world that will not conform to either of their expectations. No pill can be administered perfectly or guarantee any outcome and no Being can completely verbalize, communicate or otherwise spit out his condition. Both parties are blind to each others' totalities, but not to each others' finitudes. The Placebo Life Technique therefore is an embrace of both the potential and limitations of human healing, catharsis and caring.